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Default 2010 Bowman Draft Baseball "Twisted Team" Case Break

The Scans are here!!

This setup should bring a lot of attention. I'm sure you'll like it.

2010 Bowman Draft Baseball "Twisted Draft" Team Break

Product: 2010 Bowman Draft Baseball 12 box Hobby Case (Currently $729.95 on The case for this break will come from

Current cost of break (12/6):
Case $729.95 + Shipping/Packaging/PP Fees $5.00 x's 30 teams totalling $150, with a grand total cost of
the break being $879.95, or to make life easier $880.00. If at the time of purchase the price from is different then that will be the cost of the break. Receipt will be scanned and posted on this thread.

How it works:
We will have 3 seperate groups.
Group 1 will be the top 10 picks in the draft. Having 10 slots will give a single slot owner a 1 in 10 chance at the top pick for the whole break. (Instead of the normal 1 in 30 chance a slot owner would have in the regular team breaks I've seen)

Group 2 will get the second round of picks (11-20). They will purchase their slot or slots, and when all 10 are filled we will then have a seperate draft for the 10 slots to determine the picks for slots 11-20. These slots will pick from the remaining 20 teams left after the Group 1 draft.

Group 3 will get be the last group and have picks 21-30. This will be the cheapest slots available and will have the remaining 10 undrafted teams to choose from.

Pricing: (Read carefully)
The starting price for Group 1 will be the cost of the break divided by 10. At the current pricing (as seen above) $880 divided by 10 equalling $88 per slot in Group 1. The price drop time schedule is shown below. The final price of the last slot sold in Group 1 will be the price for all 10 slots in Group 1. So even though you got in at $88, you will only pay the price of the last slot sold in Group 1. Example: Slot 10 in Group 1 sells for $53.00, all 10 slot owners in
Group 1 will pay $53 per slot regardless of the price they got in at.

Group 2 (Picks 11-20) starting price will be the final price for Group 1. ($53 in the example) If the starting price for Group 2 is $53, then prices will drop $3 every hour until all 10 slots in Group 2 are sold. Example: If the 10th and final slot in Group 2 sells for $22, then all 10 slot owners will pay $22 per slot regardless of the price they got in for.

Group 3 (Picks 21-30) starting price will be the final price for Group 2. ($22 in the example above). Slots will start at the final price of Group 2 and drop $2 every 2 hours until the 10 lots sell out. And just like Group 1 & 2, the final purchase price will be the price of the final lot sold. Example: 10th slot sells for $13. Then all 10 slot owners will pay $13 per slot for the slot or slots they own.

In the examples above you see the total collected for each Group:
Group 1 $530 for 10 slots paid
Group 2 $220 for 10 slots paid
Group 3 $130 for 10 slots paid
The 3 Groups combined give me the $880 needed to pay for the break on this case. (Based on current price)

In the event the combined total collected is above the total cost of the break, additional boxes will be purchased at the current price if enough is money is available to make those additional purchases. (So if $1010 is collected, this will actually be a 1 case, plus 2 box break)

Drafting Process:
Random Draft Lottery
When all 10 slots in each Group are taken and paid for a "" Draft Lottery will be held for the 10 slots in that Group on the first chance I'm available to hold the draft. (Sorry, I'm not on here every second of the day)
The Team Draft
The "Team Draft" will begin at 7pm the day following the last payment receive and all slots are paid for. You will have 15 minutes to select, trade or sell when your slot is up to pick. If you can't make it, please email me the teams you are interested in the order you want them. I will pick the best team from your list that is available. If you are not available and you don't send me a list, you will be pushed back one slot, and the slot behind you will move up to your pick.

Any non MLB team cards, (such as 16 and under) will be given out in the order of the draft. So if you have the first pick in the draft, you will get the first card pulled out of the case, if you have the second pick in the draft, you will get the second card pulled out of the case. If you have the 3rd pick in the draft you will get the third card pulled from the case, and so on 4th to 4th, 5th to 5th, etc.... I will pull them out as we open the packs. This rule also applies to the autographed 16 and under card too. Example: if it's the 17th 16 and under card pulled, then the 17th pick in the draft would get it.

hester72598 $267.00 PAID
endthecurse $319.00 PAID
bgrasso12 $73.00 PAID
coltman $40.00 PAID
chris_ac $48.00 PAID
tyler $30.00 PAID
Sushiyoshi $30 PAID
alsjunk2002 $73.00 PAID


The randomization has been done! HERE ARE THE RESULTS!

1. hester72598 Washington Nationals
2. hester72598 Atlanta Braves
3. alsjunk2002 Baltimore Orioles
4. endthecurse Pittsburgh Pirates
5. hester72598 Cinncinnati Reds
6. endthecurse Los Angeles Angels
7. hester72598 Minnesota Twins
8. bgrasso12 Tampa Bay Rays
9. endthecurse Kansas City Royals
10. chris_ac Houston Astros
11.endthecurse New York Mets
12.endthecurse Cleveland Indians
13.endthecurse Chicago White Sox
14.coltman18 Toronto Blue Jays
15.endthecurse Boston Red Sox
16.endthecurse Florida Marlins
17.alsjunk2002 Texas Rangers
18.endthecurse Los Angeles Dodgers
19.endthecurse New York Yankees
20.bgrasso12 San Francisco Giants
21.hester72598 Philadelphia Phillies
22.hester72598 Milwaukee Brewers
23.tyler Oakland Athletics
24.bgrasso12 St. Louis Cardinals
25.hester72598 Seattle Mariners
26.coltman18 Colorado Rockies
27.msumarr54 Detroit Tigers
28.Sushiyoshi Arizona Diamondbacks
29.Sushiyoshi Chicago Cubs
30.tyler San Diego Padres


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