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I'll be happy to see a winner. In all reality, it would be fun if the game were won every week and lots of members were winning good stuff. I play the lotto too, I don't expect to win, but don't question the winning ticket from another state that does win.

That being said, all new members just keep in mind some of the basics on here. If you don't have your Ebay identity or other identity (location, COMC, etc.) showing in your tag, don't be too surprised if someone doubts it since that is a main source of reliability. If you have only posted for contests, don't be too surprised if nobody else knows you from other areas on the forum. Keep in mind, nobody likes the unknown guy who shows up at the poker table, wins, and leaves. Hopefully after a win, you'll show the break and contribute to the community a bit. Problem solved, no?
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