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Default 2010 Certified Case 4 ways Break

Would be $150 + paypal fees, shipping and supplies.

It would be PRE BREAK TEAM draft, serpantine style and broken live on Blog

Might save a few bucks if it's in the mid week specials

Cost would be $161 or $167 depending on if you want all the cards from your 8 teams or just hits, numbered and inserts
Paypal is
If we can get payment in tonight we can probably have this on Friday for a 8 or 9PM EST break!


Case will be delivered Monday Break around 8PM EST.

Draft Order
1. mmbtvs BRONCOS
2. jlzinck RAMS
3. hester72598 BROWNS
4.justinj31 COWBOYS
5 justinj31VIKINGS
6 hester72598 PANTHERS
7 jlzinck LIONS
8 mmbtvs PACKERS
9. mmbtvs STEELERS
10. jlzinck PATRIOTS
11 hester72598 COLTS
12.justinj31 CHARGERS
13 justinj31 JETS
14 hester72598 BILLS
15 jlzinck CHEIFS
16 mmbtvs DOLPHINS
17. mmbtvs GIANTS
18. jlzinck BUCCANEERS
19. hester72598 49'ers
20.justinj31 TEXANS
21 justinj31 TITANS
22 hester72598 SAINTS
23 jlzinck BENGALS
24 mmbtvs BEARS
25. mmbtvs RAVENS
26. jlzinck FALCONS
27. hester72598 EAGLES
28.justinj31 RAIDERS
29 justinj31 SEAHAWKS
30 hester72598 REDSKINS
31 jlzinck CARDINALS
32 mmbtvs JAGUARD

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