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Originally Posted by endthecurse View Post
I don't disagree with you -- and I'm not knocking the format at all. I just think that there's a lot of value in slots 11-20.

Baseball GBs on this board have taken a pretty big hit over the last year or so. Several of the folks who ran and participated breaks regularly moved on; and the few breaks that have been hosted here haven't been managed very well (with the exception of Pat's).

Like I said, count me in for all ten 11-20 slots at $250. I'm willing to let a few go, if someone else wants in... I'd just like to see this get off the ground!

Well, let's hope this gets off the ground. If it doesn't then I'll post a new one for approval with the other 3 Group format I mentioned. But to be fair to others, I will still leave it first come first served. If you want those 10 slots in Group 2 you'll have to be the first one to ask for them and they will all need to be available. I'm all about favors, but I just want to be fair to everyone else. I'm sure you agree with that.
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