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Yea, I know that the base card slots aren't really worth all that much, however adding them helps to bring down the slot price for the other slots. In the event that the lucky clover card becomes the joe jackson cut auto (I read up and apparently there is only one that is being given away), then yes, it will go to whoever had that base slot. I know it's a very expensive card, but hey, that's why you join breaks right!!!!

In order to get the cut auto, you have to present the most complete set of this product at the 2011 national sports collectors convention, so it stands to reason that if we get one, we will probably just be getting a sealed case, unless someone has a lot of these autos already and plans on going to the convention, but I tell you what, if we do happen to pull the lucky clover card and get the case, I will send the person who held that base slot a card worth $100 or more from my PC to make up for it, haha. Updating the new thread, anyone else interested?
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