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Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
The break isn't full yet and hasn't been moved to active

Read the rules about when you are suppose to post your paypal and accept payments

Wait, you're telling me how to read rules when you couldn't read my terms of the break by asking me to put you up on a slot for 8PM if it gets to it, but are telling me the forum rules??

1. I submitted this thread with the terms of payment to luv2fish this way. He approved it this way.
2. I'm doing it this way to avoid non payment of Groups that are already "sold out". This way I can have the draft for "Sold out and Paid for" Group while other Groups are still being sold. Paypal allows a 60 day refund, which I will use if the break doesn't happen. And since every payment is done as "Goods" every person can submit a claim if they don't receive their refund. But that won't be an issue.

If Luv2fish finds an issue with this after the approval, I will be happy to share my paypal account email and password to him so everyone feels more comfortable. If that is not acceptable to him I will refund all payments. Then we can go through all the non payer b/s that always happens.

This is a non-profit break. I'm doing this for fun. If you care to make it any harder I'll be happy to cancel it.
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