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Originally Posted by crazy8parlay View Post
Any non MLB team cards, (such as 16 and under) will be given out in the order of the draft. So if you have the first pick in the draft, you will get the first card pulled out of the case, if you have the second pick in the draft, you will get the second card pulled out of the case. If you have the 3rd pick in the draft you will get the third card pulled from the case, and so on 4th to 4th, 5th to 5th, etc.... I will pull them out as we open the packs. This rule also applies to the autographed 16 and under card too. Example: if it's the 17th 16 and under card pulled, then the 17th pick in the draft would get it.
Just confirming -- do the AFLAC cards fall into this category?

If so, assuming I'm reading this correctly, if we're lucky enough to hit a Harper AFLAC auto, it would likely go to the person with the #1 overall pick -- not the person with the Nationals -- right?
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