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Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
Luckly i picked in the correct order

1) Pick the RUNNING BACK who will have the most RUSHING Yards in WEEK 14
2) Pick the QUARTERBACK who will have the most PASSING Yards in WEEK 14
3) Pick the WIDE RECEIVER/TIGHT END who will have the most RECEIVING Yards in WEEK 14
4) POST the COMBINED # of Yards for all 3 above (Rushing for RB and Passing for QB and Receiving for WR/TE)


So according to your post you have Manning as your RB and AP as your QB!!!

Just imagine if they are this weeks picks (highly unlikely since I just picked off the top of my head) and it came down to the simple order you placed them in
It doesn't say they have to be in the correct order, but thanks we sure do need MORE forum police around here
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