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Originally Posted by armyatc22 View Post
1st off toolbox if your going to try and be a douche at least get my username right

2nd per the RULES:

- DO NOT begin collecting payments or post your paypal/email address until the break is official and has been moved to the "Active/Open Breaks" section. Hosts, please make sure to "report" the testing waters thread so that the mods/admins can move the thread to the active section so you can start collecting payments. Failure to do so will result in suspensions.

Your break wasnt full yet so no payments should have came in...its doesnt matter about if you wanted to get each group paid for because if the whole thing didnt fill then you would have had to send refunds...

I only asked before about getting a spot at 8pm because I'm working long hours before my christmas break and wouldnt be on the computer around that time. Also you never said anything in your RULES about doing that.

Again im not trying to be the "rules police" its just something "NEW" hosts do all the time and its liek you guys dont read the rules before posting. Ive done tons of group breaks on here and youtube and Im also doing them for fun and not for a profit so dont try to say that bs too...

Im glad it filled and good luck on the break i hope you guys get some sick stuff and i wish i was around when the last group went for sale because imo thats the best value you could ever get for 10 teams in a case break
Funny, you are busting his balls for breaking a group break rule but you were too. You had 3 group breaks going at the same time, which is also against the rules.
- Members may only have up to 2 ongoing breaks at one time.

Maybe next time you will make sure you are in compliance before busting someone elses chops.
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