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Default 2010 Black Diamond Box

I'm on the road for work and stop into one of my favorite Card Shops on the NH/MA border. I have had good luck here in the past, and once again my luck has started to change. Won't be able to post scans till tomarrow when i get home, but here is the break:
Quad Diamond Rookie: Tyler Seguin
Quad Diamond Base: Stamkos
Triple Diamond Rookies: Kudla, Urbom, Nick Johnson & Wellman

Notable Triple Base Tavares, Gaborik 7 Kane

Ruby Quad Jersey #02/50 Kovalchuk (3 Color)
Quad Jersey Backstrom (2 Color)

Team Canada Die-Cut: Mike Richards (2005 World Juniors) Nice Card

Gold Base: Booth #4/10
Ruby Base: Voracek 052/100

And also got an Auto: Mark Fraser

A pretty decent Box with lots of # inserts etc. Really glad I pulled the Seguin in my 3rd box, 2nd box yielded a Hall (currently on Ebay)

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