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This is my first time entering the pulls of the month contest. Never pulled anything that would even come close to winning, but I figured this may be a worth candidate.

First off a little back story from yesterday- Earlier in the day I spent about 3 1/2 hours playing poker at my local casino in West Virginia. I rolled back to Northern VA up a pretty decent amount of money and got the itch to open something for myself. I very rarely open high end products by myself anymore, but after doing a bunch of group breaks and watching insane stuff come out of 09 Exquisite Football I decided to drop by Blowout and buy a box for myself. I picked up a box from my favorite sales associate Danny for what I thought was a great price and took it back to my house to bust. I was going to do a youtube video of it, but decided not too. Doooooooo (Homer Simpson style)!! When I opended the box I saw something I've never seen before - a sleeved card in the middle of the pack. The rest of the box was complete garbage, but after viewing the sleeved card I jumped back in my car and proceeded back to the warehouse to show the guys at Blowout personally what I had gotten. Thanks again Danny for picking out the box for me... by far my best pull of my life. Oh, and to make things even better it was my moms 55th birthday yesterday and I took her out for a nice meal at Bonefish

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