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Thumbs up working on a SET/RAINBOW?? finished or need help?? post/check here!

Trying to be ambitious here. Starting this thread to become a gorgeous gallery of completed or near-completion sets that collectors spend so much time and money and effort building. I'm referring to... letter patches/name sets, rainbow parallels, refractors/xfractors/supers, logoman sets, inserts/patches/autos, etc. My hope is that we can share what we have and more importantly, help each other find the missing piece(s) that we still need to finish each respective puzzle

few that come to mind... bballcardheaven's unimagineable collection of 16 1/1 mini-logoman from 08/09 Topps Treasury... two people's completed set (or close to completion) of the Jordan Legacy cards ... someone has the NT true RC 1/1 logoman of Jennings & Curry (i'd love to see that!)... i'm sure many ppl try to collect letter patches to create a name (i personally need Rondo letters!), especially since SP Authentic will be coming out soon with letter patch autos

so share what you have finished or ask to see if anyone has what you need!
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