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Originally Posted by PackAttack419 View Post
deron, i mean rick, i mean EG... nice stuff, i think most ppl already know you have some killer cards what i am most impressed with is the fact that the 1/1s have all surfaced (cuz some, like the treasury logomen set that bballcardheaven is collecting may still be buried in sealed cases) AND the fact that whoever had them was willing to sell/trade them to you. i guess those guys just couldnt say no haha

btw, for the ud black letters, since they're only numbered to the players last name, im assuming that means they're each 1/1's. are they player-worn?? (either event or game)

Yeah, I was very lucky to find all the 1 of 1 rookie year cards. I am only missing two 1 of 1 rookie year cards that aren't printing plates or dual or triple autos. I need the Exquisite rc 1/1 and the Bowman Chrome superfractor auto rc 1/1. I currently have 18 1 of 1 rookie year cards of EJ.

Anyways, the UD Black letters are serial numbered 1/6, 2/6 etc...they are each a 1 of 1, but not serial numbered 1/1. They are indeed rookie photoshoot letters and NOT manufactured.
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