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Originally Posted by John91C View Post
payment sent for my 2 slots...and I sent you a pm regarding shipping
Originally Posted by hanes1111 View Post
payment sent for my 2!
Originally Posted by SethMurphy View Post
payment sent
Originally Posted by jortiz1012 View Post
Payment sent
Originally Posted by hester72598 View Post
Payment sent.
Originally Posted by Monsters View Post
Slots Paid...
Thanks everyone for your payments - I'll update the list in the next few minutes. Looks like we're all paid up outside of VinnyVegas - so thanks for the quick payments!

I went to place the order with Chris this morning, and unfortunately, his last few boxes sold yesterday but he is getting more in later this week (or possibly early next week). I'll see if we can get two-day shipping, and if not, I'll likely spring for a quicker ship. Provided all payments come in, we're probably going to be looking at a Live Randomization either tonight or tomorrow night (7pm CST) with a break mid-week next week (also, at 7pm CST). So not a huge delay, but one I wanted to make you aware of ASAP.

Thanks again!

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