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maybe you can help me bro
"Well, I stopped by walmart today and bought three of the $5 value packs that have 9 cards+3 bowman chrome cards in them. I just started collecting a week ago so can someone ID the cards for me...

First, I got a Shane Peterson auto, but it is not numbered and the card ID is BPA-SP, I can't find that code anywhere. What kind of kird is this?

I got a Dom Brown BDP70 and it is gold around the edges and is very thick compared to the other cards. I also got a Manny Machado gold edge same BDPP80 and it's also thick and a Matt Olson BDPP104 one. Why are these thicker?

Moving on...I got a Mitch Moreland BDP91 and a BDPP9 Josh Rutledge, both say refractor...on the rueledge it has purple edges and turns silver as it moves in and on the mitch moreland it has purple edges, then a green line and then black before his card.

Next I got a bunch of cards starting with code BDPP that all have 1st bowman or 1st bowman chrome on them, some of these even have those fake silver signatures on them. Notables in this section include 2 Grandals, and a Taillon.

Last, I got a bunch of black cards with green lines that say ethier bowman or bowman chrome, got an Ike Davis, which I wanted in here.

I spent $15 on the above, can anyone tell me what type each is, like the refractor types, and why i cant find the auto code...and whether my haul was good.
Thanks! "
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