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Originally Posted by gregnice37 View Post
Nice stuff everyone. I know you can't post too many cards in a post, so I'll just tell you my completed master sets:

09-10 Ty Lawson National Treasures Master Set

09-10 Ty Lawson Crown Royale Master Set

06-07 Rudy Gay SP Authentic Master Set

06-07 Rudy Gay Ulitmate Collection Master Set

08-09 Rudy Gay Bowman - Missing 1 Printing Plate
08-09 Rudy Gay Bomman Chrome - Missing 1 Printing Plate
please explain to someone relatively new (like me!) what master set means? for example, what does the master set of Ty Lawson Crown Royale consists of? and for the ones that you said missing one printing plate.. does that mean you have all the other printing plates/superfractors?
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