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Default 2010 TTT Football Hit Break

Names will be added to list in order that they are recieved. Once full and paid, the list will be randomed live on blogtv. Slots 1-36 will be given hits in order that they are pulled from case. Slots 37 will get base/parallels from box 1-6, slot 38 gets base/inserts from box 7-12, and slot 39 gets base/inserts from box 13-18.

As this product is already released, payment deadline will be 4 days from the date this break is moved to active, to expedite the break. Anyone not paid after 4 days may have their spot given to other members or backups.

36 hit slots
3 base/parallel slots (each receives all base and parallels from 6 boxes)
= 39 total slots
Case is $2,319
2319/39 = 59.46
2.75 shipping + .75 for supplies = 3.50

= 62.96*1.029 +.30 paypal = 65.09

1st slot = $65
Additional slots = $63.50

Configuration: 18 display boxes per case*. 2 mini boxes per display box. 1 pack per mini box. 6 cards per pack**

*Two 9-box inner cases per master case.
** Each Pack (mini-box) contains 3 #'d base cards PLUS 2 #'d parallels PLUS 1 Triple Relic card. An Auto Triple Relic card replaces the Triple Relic card 1:2 Packs (mini-boxes) or 1 per display box!

- New! Laundry Tag Book Cards
- New! NFL Shield Relic Cards!
- Every Relic is a Triple Relic Featureing Low Numbering!
- Every Pack is Guaranteed 1 Triple Relic Card!
- Every Box is Guaranteed 1 Autograph Triple Relic Card!

- A 1 of 1 Autographed Triple Relic Card
- A Triple Autographed Triple Relic Card, #'d to 36 or less

- An Autographed Triple Relic Card, #'d to 99 or less
- A Triple Relic Card, #'d to 36 or less

- 1 Triple Relic Card, #'d to 99 or less
- 2 Base Parallel Cards, #'d to 525 or less
- 3 Base Cards #'d to 1350 or less

1. ripkenfan72
2. favresreturn
3. pikeman80
4. pikeman80
5.-45. (open)
Collecting ALL Peyton Manning and Austin Collies. Looking for other Low #'d Colts, UFC, Cubs, and Pacers

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