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People should stop knocking Rondo for playing with too many good players. He plays with three studs who are all past their prime. He only gets discredited for playing with too much talent instead of being credited with making those guys so much better than they would be with an average PG. He is almost always the best player on the court, every once in a while its Pierce, but usually Rondo. He makes everyone on that team much better, makes everyone's job easier. They struggle so much when he is not on the court. The only knock on Rondo is his J and honestly its something that will always be missing from his game because of his hands. His J really hurts them in the playoffs but really isn't a factor during the regular season.

Not saying he's the best fwiw. And CP3 isn't a top 3 PG anymore. I would say he might not even be top 5 these days, his knee really hampers him.
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