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Originally Posted by SacGWYNN19 View Post
I will begin to chime in w/ comparisons as I see fit...comparison #1.

Deron v. CP3 this year.

FG% - CP3
3Pt% - CP3
FT% - CP3
Rebounds - CP3
Assists - CP3
Steals - CP3
Turnovers - CP3
Blocks - Deron (even though neither # is worthy of taking said category)
Points per game - Deron is @22.4, CP3 is at 16.1....HOWEVER....Deron takes 43% more shots then CP3 per game on average and only has 39% more w/ respect to PPG.

So, given we are talking about point guards, how can anyone...ANYONE argue w/ FACTS? The tally is 8-1 CP3...or if you want to give Deron the PPG(even though this is not the expectation of the PG) category then 7-2 still in favor of CP3.

It is not even close. And CP3 is tallying the better #'s on a team w/ far less talent and in less playing time.
in my opinion being on a team w/ less talent gives him the ability to go off...
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