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Originally Posted by SacGWYNN19 View Post
If all variables in this equation were equal(ie weapons). CP3 period....... Not even close actually.

Why?....the answer is quite simple. Point guard's job is to create opportunities, play great defense....and make a clutch free throw.

CP3 leads all PG's in assist/TO ratio w/ the exception of Kidd.

CP3 leads the entire NBA in steals per game.

CP3 leads the entire NBA in FT%.

In addition, he still shoots close to 50% from the floor even though roughly 20% of his shots are from behing the 3 point line.

Four and a half boards per game just simply makes him a complete player. There are no other folks on the list that have the complete game like CP3.

There is noone else in the league that has these #'s.

Someone that knows his basketball , And Rick what happen to DWill last time he met Cp3 He got OWNED, and so did Utah

Allround you are correct Cp3 is leading on most attributes but you have to remember alot of people base their opinions only on scoring or assist ability , to alot of people defense/steals and rebounding does not account for skill LOL

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