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Originally Posted by UltimateDeron View Post
I was waiting for someone to go there and they actually did...Haha

Ok, so let's talk Deron Williams vs Chris Paul.....

First off, let's take this all the way back to their college days when #1 Wake Forest faced #3 Illinois for the ACC-Big Ten Challenge. What happens? Illinois upsets the top team in the nation by 18 points, but it wasn't even that close of a game as Illinois was up by 30 nearly the entire second half. What do the CP3 led Wake Forest Demon Deacons do that year in the NCAA Tournament as the #2 seed? They get upset in the 2nd Round by West Virgina. Meanwhile, Deron leads the #1 ranked Illini all the way to the National Championship game only to lose to a UNC team loaded with 3 NBA Lottery Picks.

In the NBA, Deron leads the head to head matchup 12 to 4 (Deron 12 wins). One thing is for sure, Deron owns the head to head matchup against CP3.

Now, let's take a look at what happens when each of these guys take their teams to the Playoffs. In Deron's second season he led the Utah Jazz to the Western Conference Finals averaging 26 PPG 8 APG while being guarded by the NBA's best on ball defender at the time, Bruce Bowen. Chris Paul has never even gotten his past the second round of the Playoffs.

Let's see what Chris Paul did last time he made it to the Playoffs. It was 2009vs the Denver Nuggets. Chris Paul averaged 16 PPG 10 APG and they lost to the Nuggets 4 games to 1. In Game 4 of that series on their homecourt the Hornets got beat 121-63. Thats the biggest point differential in NBA playoff history. Chris Paul had 4 Pts, 6 Asts, and 6 TO's in that game. What a leader.

The very next year against that same Denver Nuggets team, Deron Williams averaged 27 PPG, 12 APG, Shooting over 50% from the field and the 3 Pt line during that entire series. In that series he had 4 straight 20+ Pts, 10+ Asts games. The last person to do that was Magic Johnson in 1989. In Game 2 of that series Deron had 32+ Pts and 12+ Asts in a Win on the opposing team's court. The last person to do that was Oscar Robertson in 1949. By the way, the Jazz won that series 4 games to 2 and they were without Okur and Kirilenko throughout the series.

Deron has taken the Utah Jazz to the postseason every year of his career except for his rookie season. That's 4 consecutive seasons that he has led to his team to the Playoffs. Chris Paul, on the hand, has only been to the postseason 2 times in his career.

Deron has 20 career playoff wins under his belt. Meanwhile, Chris Paul only has 8 career playoff wins.

So as you can clearly see, Deron elevates his game come Playoff time when it counts the most. Averaging 21 PPG, 10 APG in his Playoff career. He shoots 40% from 3 Pt line (76 of 189) in the Playoffs. Chris Paul shoots 27% from the 3 Pt line in the Playoffs.

Yes, the Hornets won the last time they played the Jazz this season but it wasn't like Deron was extremely outplayed by Paul. They both had so-so games. Deron w/ 10 pts 5 asts, and CP3 w/ 11 pts 10 asts.

What happened the other time they played this season? Jazz won big. Deron went for 26 pts 11 asts 5 steals, and CP3 had 17 pts 9 asts 5 steals.

Deron is having a great season thus far and is a MVP canidate putting up 22 PPG and 10 APG while carrying the Jazz to 1st place in the Northwest Division. Where are CP3's Hornets after that 11-1 start? Well, they are 6-11 since then, which is 3rd place in their own division and they are dropping fast in the Western Conference standings.

So u attribute the hornets drop off due to CP3 ? Maybe the trade had something to do with it ? Maybe other variables maybe ?

So u are saying DWill is better allround or just offensively that was my point , Chris is shorter aswell and has more boards for a 6ft PG than a taller DWill.
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