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When you look at that list a couple guys pop out at you.

1) Matt Ryan - He is a QB that has had a really consistent season. Stayed healthy, team leader, has the respect of his teammates and coaches. He is so mature and has great pocket awareness. If the Falcons have any success in the postseason, he belongs in the second tier of QB's in the league. He does whatever it takes to get his team victories. Look at his numbers are not amazing, but he runs the offense and makes big time plays. His home record is crazy!

2) Two guys who have had solid years are D.McFadden and D.Jackson
Jackson has made some huge plays down the stretch, if the Eagles do anything in the playoffs, obviously they need M.Vick, but I think Jackson needs to step up if they have a shot. McFadden comeback player of the year. Last year he wasn't getting any carries. This year he has been a beast.

Great post BOC
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