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Cool My Completed Sets Show Off Thread

So Im finally getting around to scanning all of my PC and putting them into photobucket I have a few sets completed over the past few years...

Ok first up is the 09 National Treasures Rookie Patch Auto Set numbered out of 99 with every card being at least 2 colors and some just down right NASTY

I have all 34 (Only 32 shown with Britt and Nicks not signing yet and I dont think they will BUT I do have redemptions of them already online and just waiting)

** The McCoy was bought on ebay as a redemption for $30 when it first was released **


Next is my Complete set of 2009 Limited Patch RC autos/149...I have all except for Nicks (Who still hasnt signed for Panini yet but I do have the redemption already and just waiting for the card to ship) As you can tell every card has at least 2 colors and a few with 3 or 4


Ok so while I was deployed I busted A LOT of 09 Bowman Draft and well after hitting this guy in almost 1 in every 4 boxes I said screw it lets put together my 1st rainbow. Well I pulled all except the red and superfractor but I was lucky enough to find them.

Coming soon: 2009 BDPP Base, Refractor Auto, and Aflac Sets
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