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Originally Posted by checkoutmydeals View Post
COMC is supposed to turn away any card that's not licensed. That card is licensed, legitimately manufactured and scarcer than hen's teeth. Near as I can tell, there's only one other example for sale on the entire internet, and I own that one as well. COMC does NOT list the print run and mentions in the condition notes that there is no serial number.
I hope you are joking! The legitimate cards were not even inserted 1 per case and you have 40 listed on COMC. The only one that has a note is the the Wood card, the other 39 have no notation at all. The cards were never intended to be released and were likely stolen or sold out the back door illegally.

Why should that card be removed from the site, yet, say 2001-02 Parkhurst Chicago National #10 - Mike Modano/1 or 2001-02 Parkhurst Gold Chicago National #10 - Mike Modano/1 be allowed to sit for $100 each?
Maybe because the cards came directly from the In The Game at the stated card show as part of their stated redemption program?

The Fleer bankruptcy sale was over 5 years ago. The present owners of any cards from the Fleer bankruptcy sale should be allowed to offer any of the cards they own for any price they see fit. Saying that a 2005 Fleer 1/1 card is only worth $5 because you could have picked one up at a show in 2005 for $5 for less is as irrelevant as saying that a 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan rookie card is only worth $5 because you could have picked one up in 1987 for $5.
If there is no way to tell the difference then it is not a big deal, the market will correct itself like it has with the 1989 UD Griffey cards. Cards that are supposed to be serial numbered but are not should not be sold as the originals as they have been on COMC.

Should COMC turn away a 1933 Goudey Nap Lajoie? Those were never pack pulled, either.

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