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Originally Posted by checkoutmydeals View Post
The unnumbered ones seemed to show up on Ebay around a year ago in large quantities.

So where are they now? I count 37 total cards on all of eBay, and 4 of those are mine. It's a 126 card set (or 180+ if you count inserts), so even if you bought every single example on eBay, you wouldn't even be 1/3 of the way to completing a set.

An item isn't common as dirt just because 1 or 3 or 5 of them were offered for sale a year ago.

Personally, I'm willing to blame the clowns at Beckett for their namby-pamby "not priced due to scarcity" crap. Every piece of real estate is a "1 of 1", yet real estate agents come up with values for them all the time. Every piece of original artwork is unique, yet they come up with prices. A lot of sports cards from the 1800's probably have fewer than 25 copies in existence, yet Beckett prices those. Beckett even prices some graded cards which don't actually exist in the grade which is priced.

And yet, on a card produced 11 freaking years ago, they can't possibly come up with a valuation because it's too "scarce"? I'm supposed to be able to figure out a fair market price for my items? I'm supposed to know that if a card has a serial number it's worth $x and if it doesn't have a serial number it's worth $y? Isn't that why the price guide exists in the first place?

Who in the set is really worth collecting? If anyone cared to buy them they would still be listing them. I passed at the time because I knew what they really were. I knew because I had the Stoner back in the day and was aware that the real cards are serial numbered. You are correct that the real cards are rare, there has only been one listed in the last 9 months that I have seen.

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