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Originally Posted by MINDNUMB View Post
Not sure what you mean by "you got your wish". Brett wanted to be GB quarterback where he's been for the last 17 years or so. He admitted he was wrong to retire and I understand the silly GB management position to a point, but they didn't want him back. They want Rodgers to lead them to the Super Bowl like he has for the NFL's very own... Err, I mean the National Championship in college foot.. Oops. sorry I forgot "HE NEVER WON ANYTHING IN HIS FOOTBALL CAREER". Not even 1 NFL game.

Please tell me you are a Viking fan - that would explain your sickly, whining attitude.
Actually you wouldn't admit it if you were, but take it from a 4 decade GB season ticket family member who currently lives in Phoenix. There was Lombardi & Starr etc. - then absolute average, mediocre, crap football for about a decade and a half that I witnessed sitting in Milwaukee County Stadium in the cold, rain, snow with the audacity of hope (sorry) that we would go to the playoffs. Nothing.

Then comes Brett Favre (along with many other good and great players).
Before Favre - 41% winning percentage / 0 division titles / 1 playoff game.
After Favre - look it up yourself. Super Bowl. Only one but the trophy came back to where it started - the original and only Titletown.

You may actually be a Bears fan or now even a Tampa Bay fan - I don't know but Packer fans who chose to bitch slap Favre - you are the ones on your knees know. You know who you are. Disgrace.

Rule #1 - never pick a lonely 1st round rookie QB, a fat guy coach, and a white haired Steve Martin old guy GM over a football icon who helped get the NFL's youngest team so close to the SB. That's bad business.

Sorry if this is too long - I just need to vent today. It's like if the SF 49'ers traded Joe Montana or Namath was traded by the Jets, or the Red Sox traded Manny. No way.

I personally salute all the Jet fans - you are in for a bumpy ride that you will keep riding no matter what because some players are just more exciting then all the other players. Fill your prescriptions and get that check-up now Jet fan. Kick some Patriot ASS!!

This day sucks for all real Packer fans. Now where's my green #4 jersey.

PS - at least all my Jet cards may increase in value. Well all except Pennington's cards. Good Luck Chad.
Clearly you don't know anything about the person you directed this towards.
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