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Originally Posted by esaslo View Post
I guess I just don't understand what you were doing here. I don't get the draft section. If we were paying for our slot, and got to KEEP the boxes in the slot (i.e., not open them -- or open them if we wanted) I'd be in on this. Based on your model for pricing, that's where I thought were going... but now I'm confused!
Yeah I thought about doing that, but people always complain about the chance of getting nothing. So I decided to split up the themes into "groups" so as to increase the odds for the more uncommon themes and allow for a three separate drafts (one for hit 1, one for hit 2, and one for the base in each theme box) to account for variance/ keep a handful of people from getting everything in the break. Then I decided to use the mystery packs as an insurance policy for those that did not receive any hits with either of their first 2 group picks to help ensure that everyone got "something".

I could just as easily make this a theme draft in which you get to keep your own box and make it more of a gamble for participants, but then everyone would need to realize that at least 23 people would not get anything. I could also split up the groups and just keep each theme separate, lowering the price per slot, but again a good amount of people would receive nothing and that seems to irk people interested in group breaks here (even though its frequently the case anyways with all the hit or miss products out there).

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