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Here is a list of the odds-Vet/Prospect for refractors

Ref- ?/1:40 (didn't seem to have odds for a vet ref),XFractor-1:40/1:79, Blue Ref- 1:66/1:131, Gold Ref- 1:197/1:393, Orange Ref- 1:393/1:785, Red Ref- 1:1,972/1:3924, Super- 1:8308/1/16694, Printing Plate- 1:1382, Auto Plate- 1:10471, HOC Auto- 1:1773, HOC Ref- 1:6298, HOC XFrac-1:12823, HOC Super- 1:589824 Prospect Auto- 1:31, Auto Ref- 1:88, Auto XFrac- 1:175, Auto Blue- 1:295, Auto Gold- 1:953, Auto Orange- 1:1784, Auto Red- 1:8459, Auto Super- 1:40216

I couldn't get a scan to work--the package was too shiny to read--so hopefully that works. I just finished dinner and will get going on box #2......hopefully it will be a bit better than #1, although the Joba and Wright cards weren't bad and a Yankee auto is always worth a little more.
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