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Box #6

Veteran/Rookie Refractors
Jason Varitek
Alfonso Soriano
Felix Pie
Jered Weaver
Oliver Perez
Adam LaRoche

Veteran X-Fractor
Kenji Johjima 67/250

Veteran Gold Refractor
Nick Johnson 25/50

Prospect Refractor
Dominic Brown 126/500

Prospect X-Fractor
Quincy Latimore 159/250

Matt Latos

Nice box there, but could there have been much of a bigger waste of a gold refractor??

Looks like there are 2 versions of the Fukudome--a green rookie card and a veteran style card with him in Japan......not sure if one is SP or not. So far I have 2 of the green and I just got a Japan card. I only see 2 of his cards on eBay right now and one is a Blue Ref of the Japan card.....the other is a printing plate of the rookie card (I think).
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