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Box #7- This will likely be it for tonight. A decent case at the half-way HUGE hits, but the Zimmerman should be solid and most of the other autos are good. A couple of good refractors as well. Hopefully one or two bigger hits in this second half.

Veteran/Rookie Refractors
Dan Haren
Troy Patton
Johnny Cueto
Corey Hart
Chien-Ming Wang
Hiroki Kuroda
Jim Edmonds

Veteran X-Fractor
Adrian Beltre 224/250

Prospect Refractor
Hector Gomez 5/500

Prospect X-Fractor
Brad Emaus 187/250

Tim Bascom Blue Refractor 70/150

Eleven hits in that one--a good way to end for the night. Good to see some color in the auto this time too. Don't know a lot about Bascom, although it looks like it is his first card by anyone, so that should be good. Five more to go tomorrow--that Villalona Super is still waiting for me, I guess!
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