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Right now the Bowman Draft checklist is WEAK, really weak. However Topps has promised its an "early" checklist and it will change prior to release. Topps might have good reason to change it. With Elite and Tristar Prospects Plus coming out just a few weeks before Draft, the competition might cause them to change it for the better. Or Topps gets lazy and hopes it sells based on reputation.

If Topps does change the checklist and adds a few of the good names it should be a winner. Selling in 20 or 50 card player lots is usually the best bet with this. Even the RCs and Prospect AS Game cards will sell in lots. Like anything else you need 5 cases minimum, but the more the merrier. And the best news....NO SOTF Autos this year!!!

I just don't know about Elite. There seems to be alot of excitement about Donruss coming back to baseball. The checklist blows away Draft right now. All 1st rounders are in it. However, no license, players in college/High School uniforms, no MLB or MiLB team names or logos....I just don't know how this will sell. Plus for $80 per box you only get 4 autos OR jersey cards. They haven't said how many of those 4 are autos.

Tristar Prospect Plus like Elite has a killer checklist. A ton of autos both good and bad. They also have the MiLB license. Plus this was THE product last year from a sellers perspective. I haven't seen a price on these yet, but at 10 autos per box anything under $90 per box should be a money maker. I would love to see this start around $75-80 a box. This is also scheduled to be the first product with this year's drafted players in it, I think that's a plus. The bad news is the secret is out. Everyone saw how much money there was to be made on this last year, so there will be more rippers.

Then right after X-Mas you have Bowman Sterling. Checklist is pretty good the way it is right now. This was a winner last year it you sold early. Very seldom am I able to sell every card individually with breaks, Sterling was that way for me. I think this will do well again this year.

All this in buying X-Mas presents??? I'm going to be broke.
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