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Guys I have to chime in as this is my favorite area. Right now as Rock said the Draft checklist is not as strong as it should be. I think it will change but not as drastically as some people hope. I think Topps is sandbagging to put some of these guys in 08 Chrome. They can put them in Sterling and still have them as 1st Chrome cards next year so I suspect they will do this. Draft is still Draft and people will buy the crap out of it no matter what. They do every year.

As far as Elite is concerned I still consider this more of a fun break. I hate the price point on an unlicensed product. You are paying for all the extras. I like the idea of it but not from a break and make money stand point.

To me Tristar Prospects Plus is the play. Same setup as last year. 10 autos per box. They have every player from the 1st round all the way through the supplemental picks. Price is not that much higher than last years. If it releases before Draft and especially before Elite like it says it will this will be a huge winner in my opinion. I think it will win anyway but release date will make a big difference. They are tiering there autos this year much like Draft does with their refractors and I think that is a great idea.
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