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First of all, I'm not sure how anyone could have lost money on Chrome. Unless rolling the dice with one case or buying at 900 a case, opening this year's Chrome should have been a sure bet if you opened enough to make 10 or 20 card rookie lots and bought it a decent price. Even sets did fairly well. With 5 or 6 very average cases, I think even breaking even could have been possible. The auto checklist was about as good as it could have been.

With that said, if the Bowman Draft checklist doesn't change, I think it will be tough to make much money on. The price is pretty good right now, but there aren't enough potential big hits to make it a consistent money maker. However, the speculation is that Topps will add a few big names because they have in the past. Although it will be tough to make money, I don't think it's possible that this will be a huge bust either (i.e. Topps Chrome). I've already locked up 6 cases with this checklist because I think this and Chrome are so much fun to open and there are so many people who anticipate this product.

As for how to sell the rookies, I've seen a lot of people put all of one player into a huge lot or make 20 card lots of chrome and sell anything that's not Chrome separately in player lots as well. Both approaches seem to work equally well.
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