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Originally Posted by mcsd121 View Post
opened the first 2 boxes of SPX and I'm very disapointed. I received 3 redemption cards, 2 of them good players and Upper Deck won't honor them. i tried on line and by phone. The redemption expired 7/24/10. Had I known I would get useless redemption cards I would've stayed away. Just a warning to anyone looking to buy the 08 SPX. Nothing against blowout cards but this is BS. By the way the 2 redemptions I'm pissed about is a Flacco jersey auto numbered to 399 and Kevin smith jersey auto numbered to 199
At my LCS, the owner will call UD himself if you pull an expired redemption and he is almost always able to get them to send something out. You can maybe see if Blowout will do that for you.
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