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Originally Posted by mcsd121 View Post
opened the first 2 boxes of SPX and I'm very disapointed. I received 3 redemption cards, 2 of them good players and Upper Deck won't honor them. i tried on line and by phone. The redemption expired 7/24/10. Had I known I would get useless redemption cards I would've stayed away. Just a warning to anyone looking to buy the 08 SPX. Nothing against blowout cards but this is BS. By the way the 2 redemptions I'm pissed about is a Flacco jersey auto numbered to 399 and Kevin smith jersey auto numbered to 199
you knew they were expired already...all products 2 years old are out of date think a store would take an expired 50% off coupon? no they wouldnt since you had plenty of time before hand to use it (in our case 2 years to buy the product)
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