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Originally Posted by SethMurphy View Post
see this is a really bad attitude and misguided venting... Blowout has absolutely NOTHING to do with you getting expired redemptions from UD. What would you like them to do, stop selling the products once the redemptions expire, which would cut their inventory probably down to just products from 2009 and 2010 at this point. Then I bet you would complain because there isn't enough to interest you.

Be pissed off at Upper Deck, I am, I have 5 expired redemptions from a case of 07 Premier football, including auto's of Champ Bailey and Reggie Wayne. But am I really pissed at Blowout for selling me this product, nope.
Where did I blame blowout cards? Maybe you should read everything before you chime in. I'm not mad at anybody, just sucks that I got a nice redemption but it's worth less than the cardboard it's printed on. Blowout cards was great on the phone, no complaints here.
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