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Guess I don't see how the 07 BCDP checklist is bad. 25 autos announced so far, and all of them are either 1st rounders (17 of the 25) or 1st round supplemental picks (8 of the 25).

Last year's BCDP had 25 autos, 12 of which were 2nd round picks.

And this is BEFORE the checklist additions. Given that SOTFs are being removed, if Topps wants to keep the auto insert ratios anywhere near what they were last year, they are going to have to add some autos to the list. Given that only 3 of the top 10 2007 picks have been announced as having autos in this product, I would expect that at least two more of them will be added.

Given that Price, Vitters, Moutsakas and Porcello haven't been announced as of yet, I can see how the checklist's name recognition would be underwhelming. But there is a whole hell of a lot of talent on that checklist, and I know I will be hitting this product heavily relative to what I normally do.
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