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Originally Posted by corjac View Post
There should be two chrome cards per pack. I know on the sell sheet there are two places that say 1 chrome per pack. If I'm reading correctly, you get one chrome card #BDP1-BDP154 AND one chrome card #BDPP1-BDPP65.

Also, I think that the way sets are selling shouldn't have much to do with Draft. I don't know anyone who gets excited about this product for sets. It's all about individual players. I think the way to sell all of the cards other than the Arod HR cards is player lots.

You're right though, if Draft were to contain half as many chromes, the value would take a huge hit.
I think he's talking about the one chrome prospect per pack. The other chrome, last year, was worthless.

This year, it remains to be seen how people will see the Lincecum, Joba, etc. It does, however, remain a safe bet that these will not be seen as RCs, and that there is still only going to be one card per pack that is going to be worth anything.
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