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Default 1 Case of Bowman Chrome

Well I did better than some Ive seen but I still dont know if I did "good" or not

Only Pulled 1 Fukudome base card in the whole case, it was the one in his japanese jersey.

Refractors, nobody too great.


Scott Rolen
Curtis Granderson
Orlando Cabrera
Andruw Jones
Orlando Hernandez
Joey Votto RC
Alan Farina Prospect
Christian Marrero prospect

Blue Refractors

Alex Rios (blah)
Nick Johnson (ugh)
Brandon Webb
Jamie Pedroza prospect

Gold Refractor

Greg Maddux
Elvin Ramirez prospect

Orange Refractor

Francisco Liriano


Brandon Hicks
Aaron Cunningham
Dustin Richardson
Michael Watt
David Kopp
Danny Lehmann
Brian Dinkleman Refractor
Ludovicius Van Mil Refractor
Rene Tosoni Redemption
Andrew Lambo Redemption

Daniel Bard Xfractor
Michael Watt Gold Refractor
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