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I've been on ebay for over 8 years and this is just my opinion. First the products are so watered down and there are just too many products to try to sell. Second there are too many people busting a case or two and some buying many more, paying with a credit card without the funds to pay the card off when the statement is received, so they get in a rush to recoup their investment so they can afford to buy more product hence the dumping begins or better put taking what ever price the market will pay. Don't think that I am putting them down because it is their right to buy and sell the way that they want too but it does make it hard for the ones that do this for a living. Myself I hardly ever bust a case I try to hold them to make 3 or 4 hundred dollars per case. The only 2 products I chose to bust in the last year I lost several hundred a case I just received bad cases. I truly believe the only way to keep the value of the cards up for a few months is if topps would join Upper Deck and not letting the dealers sell below the price that UD fixed for that product now this would hurt me but I don't mind since I don't do this for a living. Just my dimes worth.
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