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From a dealer website (dallas cowboy football cards only) perspective vs an eBay seller;

I have noticed a lull in sales about mid way through the football season for the past 8 years. It seems to have started a bit early this year but my sales so far this year are up at least 10% from last year. Things are good here, no doom and gloom.

Also, I leverage my websites space for advertising and that helps off set the lull in card sales.

Are you guys collecting emails for sending out newsletters? It's probably the number 1 rule in internet marketing. I send out a newsletter email about once a month. You have to make sure your newsletter subscribers opt in to your newsletter. Don't bombard them with emails everyday and don't send them too many offers in your email. Just send 'em a quick note about the new things you have for sale and new things on the horizon.

I never fail to make at least a dozen sales just after I send out a newsletter. Blowout does the same thing.. you should to.
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