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The internet and ebay have taken away tons of show goers.

I used to seriously 'jones' about going to shows. I hit 2 or 3 a month and was Always anxious to get to the next show. I loved it, it was like an addiction. We moved to Georgia about 5 years ago and I have not been to a card SHOW since. 5 years and no shows is amazing because I couldn't stay away from them before.

Georgia is simply a bad location for show goers. There is JUST not a lot a of shows to visit here. Plus my wife is a flight attendant, gone all the time and I have a 7 year old and 3 year old twins. I don't go anywhere without my wife. So I have obsticles that keep me from going to shows but the internet has made show going unneccessary. I don't have to visit shows to get my card fix i can just go to ebay.

I hope to someday get back to the shows and possible bring my kids with me but not until they get a few years down the road.
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