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As soon as Hockey released, I started busting and selling hockey instead of football and baseball, as I started to see a big down trend in football and baseball. I think you'll see success with Bowman Draft and Bowman Sterling along with Topps Update, so you may see some light there.

As far as football.....ugh. The one guy was right, there is a lull in the middle of the season and this is it. It's a tough market out there for football right now. Bowman and Bowman Chrome may help, but I know a lot of people took a beating from some of the recent high end products (Premier, Sterling, SP Threads).

At least with hockey, there really isn't a big flooding of the market that happens because of the limited number of products released. I think with football, people just get tired and bored of buying the same guys and opening the products and getting the same guys and same gets boring after a while.
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