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Default Monthly Basketball PC Team Box/Case Break

Going to blatantly emulate the other monthly box breaks and give basketball some much-needed love. Here are some of the particulars:

1) It will be $36.35 a month per team for a net investment of $35 a month from each participant. If the group decides on a higher-end box to be involved, such as NT, we can raise the monthly fee a bit to accommodate.

2) I will only be shipping the hits, unless specifically requested by individual members to ship base. If base is requested, a few extra dollars may be added to the total.

3) We'll keep it at 15 spots for the time being. We can then perform a draft or randomly assign the other 15 teams each month, whichever is preferred.

4) Teams are requested on a first come, first serve basis.

5) There is a 6-month commitment to this break. Please do not request a team unless you're absolutely positive you can stick to this break for that amount of time. Failure to do so will result in much ridicule from the other members

6) After 6-months, members have the right to renew ownership of teams. If they do so, they must commit another 6 months to that team. Dropped teams will be open to the public on a first come, first serve basis.

7) Boxes/cases will be cracked every last or Saturday or Sunday of the month unless extenuating circumstances are involved. This can be open to debate once the club fills its 15 spots.

7) The breaks will occur live on ustream and recorded for posterity's sake.

8) Players will go to the team most prominently displayed on the card. Multi-player cards will be randomed among the teams featured.

I hope that covers all the basics. Of course, much of this can be tweaked once we have enough members in the club. Hope to get this off and running. I'll start things with my beloved (and until recently, largely ignored):

1. Clippers -----> messingaroundok
2. Lakers -----> armyatc22
3. Wizards -----> hester72598
4. Thunder/Sonics -----> Straw44
5. Bulls -----> Gohansmy
6. Nuggets (tentatively for Melo) -----> patchthr33
7. Celtics -----> Care4Card
8. Kings ------> canuhandle23


Nuggets -----> RckyMtCollector

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