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Default 1st Ever Case Break - 2013 Topps Finest - Quite Fun and Complete Break Down

So I finally decided to do my first ever case break and I've always have loved Finest and I'd say I was rewarded too

I only had TWO... TWO Redemptions in my case which I was very pleased by! One of them was probably my biggest hit ever right next to my Griffey Ultimate Chase Card!

Please note this is going to be a pretty detailed breakdown of my case (minus the refractors) because I'm weird like that. I counted off the rookie cards I didn't have much of. All other rookies I had at least 5+ of each. The ones below were hard to come by!

Rookie Total Card Count:
Puig : 4 (3 Base ; 1 Refractor)
Myers : 6 (4 Base ; 2 Refractors)
Cole : 4 (3 Base ; 1 Refractor)
Fernandez : 4 (3 Base ; 1 Refractor)
Ryu : 4 (3 Base ; 1 Refractor)
Machado : (4 Base ; 1 Refractor)
Bundy : 4 (3 Base ; 1 Refractor)
Zunino : 4 (3 Base ; 1 Refractor)
Skaggs : 3 (All Base)
Wheeler : 4 (3 Base ; 1 Refractor)
Gyorko : 4 (All Base)
Rendon : 4 (All Base)
Gattis : 5 (4 Base ; 1 Refractor)
Miller : 4 (All Base)
Rosenthal : 4 (3 Base ; 1 Refractor)
Wacha : 3 (2 Base ; 1 X-Fractor)

Quality Control:
3 Mis-cut Base Cards - (Wacha, Gibson, Gregorius) You can acutally see part of the player that was above them on the sheet when they cut it
Machado - 1 Base card has a dimple on top left

Refractors & X Fractors:
- Too many to list! I had 1 Refractor Hot Box. -

Green /199:
Cole Hamels
Joey Votto
Miguel Cabrera
Anthony Rizzo
Wil Myers

Orange /99:
Adrian Beltre
Giancarlo Stanton
Will Middlebrooks
Mariano Rivera
Adam Eaton

Gold /50:
Giancarlo Stanton


Finest Prodigies:
Jurickson Profar

Baseball's Finest:
Cole Hamels
James Shields
Anthony Rizzo
Jacoby Ellsbury

Baseball's Finest All Stars:
Andrew McCutchen
Derek Jeter

Baseball's Finest Refractor /25:
Yadier Molina

Base Rookie "Refractor" Autos:
Alfredo Marte
Jeurys Familia
Evan Gattis
Wil Myers
Shelby Miller

XFractor Rookie Auto /149:
Brandon Mauer

Green Refractor Rookie Auto /125:
Dylan Bundy

Auto Jumbo Relic Rookie "Refractor":
Tyler Skaggs - Solid Red
Kyuji Fujikawa - White w/ Blue Pinstripe

Auto Jumbo Relic Rookie XFractor /149:
Aaron Hicks - Redemption
Kyuji Fujikawa - Solid Gray

Auto Jumbo Relic Rookie Green Refractor /125:
Brandon Maurer - Solid White
Shelby Miller - Solid Gray

Auto Jumbo Relic Rookie Gold Refractor /50:
Rob Brantly - Solid White

Auto Jumbo Relic Rookie Red Refractor /25:
Paco Rodriguez - White with Camo Patch

And Finally!!........

Cal Ripken Jr. Buyback Autograph!

Overall I was VERY happy with my case sure I didn't get SICK patches but I feel is was a pretty good case, the buyback autograph was an amazing hit and I did get a few autos of the big rookies which made me happy.

I may be busting another case of this next month, I love this stuff!

And the damage:

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Not sure exactly how much, but that Ripken will go a long ways to buying anyone BUT Puig. Nice case!
Always willing to talk shop or B/S/T.
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That case did you right my pulled that yadier at the perfect time, $$$$
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Awesome case! Those buy backs are sweet
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Are you interested in moving the buy back or are you keeping it?
Collecting hard-to-find Orel Hershiser cards and graded (PSA 10/BGS 9.5) rookie cards of HOF'ers, stars, and prospects.
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Originally Posted by jstbuch View Post
Are you interested in moving the buy back or are you keeping it?
Still pretty torn about it to be honest. Only 2 have sold. $750 and $325.

Unless I get a pretty nice offer, I'll probably just redeem it
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PM me a price on the 1993 baseball finest refractor plz
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