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Highlander23 08-13-2008 05:34 PM

Live 2008 Bowman Chrome Case Break
Got my case today and I'm ready to go. I will have to take a break or two along the way and may not finish tonight. Whatever doesn't get done tonight, I will do tomorrow. Most things will go to eBay, although I may keep a few things. I'll list refractors and autos by box. I'll be sorting and scanning as I go, so there will be some time between each one. I will probably only put the scans on eBay, unless there is something REALLY good, then I will try to post it here too. Box one coming up!

cubsfan2513 08-13-2008 05:48 PM


jebjeb1 08-13-2008 05:54 PM

Can you post a scan of the pack odds? Thanks.

DawgFight24 08-13-2008 05:56 PM

Good Luck!

Highlander23 08-13-2008 06:11 PM

[B]Box #1[/B]

[U]Veteran Refractors[/U]
Austin Kearns
John Lackey
Yovani Gallardo
Joba Chamberlain
Russ Martin
Chone Figgins

[U]Veteran X-Fractor[/U]
David Wright 89/250

[U]Prospect Refractor[/U]
Brett Cecil 8/500

Ryan Zink

Highlander23 08-13-2008 06:24 PM

Here is a list of the odds-Vet/Prospect for refractors

Ref- ?/1:40 (didn't seem to have odds for a vet ref),XFractor-1:40/1:79, Blue Ref- 1:66/1:131, Gold Ref- 1:197/1:393, Orange Ref- 1:393/1:785, Red Ref- 1:1,972/1:3924, Super- 1:8308/1/16694, Printing Plate- 1:1382, Auto Plate- 1:10471, HOC Auto- 1:1773, HOC Ref- 1:6298, HOC XFrac-1:12823, HOC Super- 1:589824 Prospect Auto- 1:31, Auto Ref- 1:88, Auto XFrac- 1:175, Auto Blue- 1:295, Auto Gold- 1:953, Auto Orange- 1:1784, Auto Red- 1:8459, Auto Super- 1:40216

I couldn't get a scan to work--the package was too shiny to read--so hopefully that works. I just finished dinner and will get going on box #2......hopefully it will be a bit better than #1, although the Joba and Wright cards weren't bad and a Yankee auto is always worth a little more.

Highlander23 08-13-2008 06:52 PM

[B]Box #2[/B]

[U]Veteran/Rookie Refractors[/U]
Joey Votto
Josh Hamilton
Orlando Cabrera
Carlos Pena
Eric Chavez
Rich Harden

Chaz Roe

Well, hopefully it can only get better. I forgot to mention that they did add Fukudome to the checklist. He is not with the other rookies at the end of the base set though--he is card #155. I got one in this box.......just trying to make this box look a little better!!! Ahhhh, the highs and lows of Bowman Chrome--I just hope I see some highs soon!!!

cubsfan2513 08-13-2008 07:15 PM

Hey Id love any Alex Gordon Refractors you pull. Im calling Austin Jackson auto in Box #6

parsetdx 08-13-2008 07:33 PM

Ouch - those odds are TIGHT. If I read that correctly, you are actually beating the odds if you pull just 2 Prospect BLUE Refractors in the case. Am I crazy or does that seem a heck of a lot tighter than in the past?

Also in the past, the Odds of Vet/Prospect X-Fractors on up were all even odds. Now it seems they are different. Are the Vet X-Fractors versus the Prospect X-Fractors numbered differently? What's up with that?


Actually - my last question here is probably naive. It's probably just that Topps is doing a better job of dividing up the odds on the packs whereas before they just lumped them together (but it was really split odds anyway - they just didn't show it).

mrhuffman85 08-13-2008 07:40 PM

keep me in mind for anything Reds related

Highlander23 08-13-2008 07:57 PM

[B]Box #3[/B]

[U]Veteran/Rookie Refractors[/U]
Jed Lowrie
Orlando Hudson
Brad Penny
Greg Smith
Brian Giles
Javier Vazquez

[U]Veteran X-Fractor[/U]
Eric Byrnes 108/250

[U]Prospect Refractor[/U]
Marcus Davis 49/500

[U]Prospect Blue Refractor[/U]
Kyle Schmidt 95/150

Jordan Zimmerman Refractor 497/500

Would have liked a better player for the Blue, but a MUCH better box!!

Highlander23 08-13-2008 08:34 PM

[B]Box #4[/B]

[U]Veteran/Rookie Refractors[/U]
Mike Lowell
Aaron Rowand
Chase Utley
Danard Span
Matt Tolbert
Jayson Nix

Chris Valaika

Highlander23 08-13-2008 09:16 PM

[B]Box #5[/B]

[U]Veteran/Rookie Refractors[/U]
James Loney
Chin-Lung Hu
Derek Lowe
Masahide Kobayashi
Miguel Cabrera
Ivan Rodriguez

[U]Veteran Blue Refractor[/U]
Robinson Cano 18/250

Andrew Lambo (Redemption.....they are online redemptions)

DadofTwins 08-13-2008 09:28 PM

Last 3 box autos have been good players but I am just curious to know how market will react to those players having cards printed in prior years-

interested in the Jardan Zimmerman if available

Highlander23 08-13-2008 10:05 PM

[B]Box #6[/B]

[U]Veteran/Rookie Refractors[/U]
Jason Varitek
Alfonso Soriano
Felix Pie
Jered Weaver
Oliver Perez
Adam LaRoche

[U]Veteran X-Fractor[/U]
Kenji Johjima 67/250

[U]Veteran Gold Refractor[/U]
Nick Johnson 25/50

[U]Prospect Refractor[/U]
Dominic Brown 126/500

[U]Prospect X-Fractor[/U]
Quincy Latimore 159/250

Matt Latos

Nice box there, but could there have been much of a bigger waste of a gold refractor??

Looks like there are 2 versions of the Fukudome--a green rookie card and a veteran style card with him in Japan......not sure if one is SP or not. So far I have 2 of the green and I just got a Japan card. I only see 2 of his cards on eBay right now and one is a Blue Ref of the Japan card.....the other is a printing plate of the rookie card (I think).

jebjeb1 08-13-2008 10:13 PM

Thanks for posting. I hope you make out OK but Topps should never be allowed to sell another "chrome" product again based on those pack odds and the average autograph hit. Most of the autos have prior chrome cards and it is 48% harder than 2007 Bowman Chrome to hit a #d prospect refractor meaning they cranked up the press. Topps = Upper Deck at this point.

Jaypers 08-13-2008 10:32 PM

For those unaware, the Angel Villalona auto is a redemption. :mad:

Highlander23 08-13-2008 10:56 PM

[B]Box #7[/B]- This will likely be it for tonight. A decent case at the half-way HUGE hits, but the Zimmerman should be solid and most of the other autos are good. A couple of good refractors as well. Hopefully one or two bigger hits in this second half.

[U]Veteran/Rookie Refractors[/U]
Dan Haren
Troy Patton
Johnny Cueto
Corey Hart
Chien-Ming Wang
Hiroki Kuroda
Jim Edmonds

[U]Veteran X-Fractor[/U]
Adrian Beltre 224/250

[U]Prospect Refractor[/U]
Hector Gomez 5/500

[U]Prospect X-Fractor[/U]
Brad Emaus 187/250

Tim Bascom Blue Refractor 70/150

Eleven hits in that one--a good way to end for the night. Good to see some color in the auto this time too. Don't know a lot about Bascom, although it looks like it is his first card by anyone, so that should be good. Five more to go tomorrow--that Villalona Super is still waiting for me, I guess!

pearljam_cubbies 08-14-2008 12:49 AM

Chaz Roe should not be allowed to have any more autograph cards, seems like I get him in anything I buy.

xciceroguy 08-14-2008 02:05 AM

more please

CTWill 08-14-2008 07:06 AM

Can you please scan the checklist(s)?

Highlander23 08-14-2008 09:14 AM

[B]Box #8[/B]

[U]Veteran/Rookie Refractors[/U]
Edgar Renteria
Clete Thomas
Carlos Beltran
Daisuke Matsuzaka
Dontrelle Willis
Tim Lincecum

[U]Veteran X-Fractor[/U]
Paul Maholm 5/250

[U]Prospect Refractor[/U]
Helder Velazquez 222/500

Darryl Thompson Refractor 295/500

mrhuffman85 08-14-2008 09:31 AM

[QUOTE=Highlander23;97656][B]Box #8[/B]

Darryl Thompson Refractor 295/500[/QUOTE]

The Rookie from the Reds, a pitcher??

If so, I am interested, PM me a price for it

go_steelers07 08-14-2008 09:38 AM

Darryl Thompson?......... come on Topps. he has a base Chrome rookie in 2005.

Chrome this year is a joke.

Highlander23 08-14-2008 09:47 AM

[B]Box #9[/B]

[U]Veteran/Rookie Refractors[/U]
Scott Rolen
Justin Ruggiano
Troy Glaus
Kazuo Fukumori
Robinson Cano
Brian Barton

Danny Lehmann


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