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kyle1707 04-09-2009 10:05 AM

box break 2007 exquisite baseball
LCS got a 5 box case year and half ago. boxes were 245 dollars. wow.

i bought one back when it came out. pulled a Cal Ripken 4 patch auto #25.

Well i stopped in yesterday and nothing new had come out for a while so i asked if he would sell me the last box for half price and he said yes.

So i still paid 122.50. which is almost ebay price. i was sure the hit was the ripken i pulled a year and half earlier in the ripken.

The second card was a troy tulowitski SP auto #20 so i was happy i really like him.

But then the last card was a cal ripken Jeff baker Rockies dual auto # 1/1.

I guess it would of been nice if the dual auto with cal was hamilton braun jeter etc... but i can't complain.

if i had any idea how to post pics i would.

the rest of the box is up on the bay. not sure if i can promote my auctions on this site.

thanks for reading

iluvfish2 04-09-2009 10:21 AM


Sounds like the 2nd box was just as good! The more dust the better :) You can easily add your ebay user name in your profile, or post a link to your auctions, either way works. I'd recommend adding it to your profile this way if guys want to look all they have to do is find a post you made, not the exact post with your listings.

This should help you post photos. [url][/url] If it doesn't shoot me a PM and I'll help you. If you have your photos in photobucket, just use the [URL] link on the photo and past that link in the post, it will convert it to the image.

kyle1707 04-09-2009 10:26 AM

thanks for the info. i will look into tonight when i get home from work.

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