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that was the funniest thing I have seen. I would be very mad if I was the one who paid in on that case, did the others get a refund.

Who ever has them, I could use a few of them
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Originally Posted by 85GoCards View Post
It's a pretty crazy thing to have happen, but you're rolling the dice every time you open a box. What if there happened to be 9 different prospects for one team and the box had 2 autos of each one? You'd be in the same situation since all the cards would be going to one guy, but it could have just been a random luck of the draw. There are no guarantees when breaking a product like this, so if the guys who bought the other teams are mad, then they don't understand the risk associated with breaking boxes. I'd be VERY surprised if Topps did anything...and if they do, they'll want all the cards back. IMO, sending the cards back is 100% out of the question. The guy who bought the Reds deserves the cards and the other guys deserve a little better luck next time.
wow. just wow.

topps will most certainly do somethin about this. 10,000% guaranteed
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