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Default Box of 13 Bowman Jumbo

So after taking a few months off from collecting or even looking at a card, I decided to head to the LCS. I walked in not knowing what to buy or even if I was going to buy. I saw a box of Platinum on the shelf then asked how many they had. The guy said 1. About a minute later a costumer that had been hanging out in the store and had previously inquired about said box, decided he wanted it. So I hung out to watch him break it and he got squat. So at that point I was feeling fortunate that I didn't grab that box. I ended up grabbing a box of bowman jumbo. I took the box to my buddies place to open while we were watching UFC. Well while in the car, I got a little anxious and I managed to get 4 packs opened.

The first pack had this:

I live in the Bay Area so I wasn't disappointment at all. The 4th pack was pretty sweet.

At this point I didn't think it was going to get any better, so I stopped opening until I got to my friend's house. Once I got to his house I continued to finish off the box. The second to last pack in the box had an orange refractor, so I set it aside and finished of the last pack. Since that last pack didn't have my third auto, I knew that the orange refractor as an auto. I did a slow roll on the orange refractor and got this:

I was/am in total shock. This was by far one of my top 5 boxes.
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Killed it.
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Welcome back.
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Would the Machado be FS/FT?
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Wow, one of the best boxes I've ever seen from 2013 Jumbo
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Wow. I got a Buxton auto and a Wright Red Bordered in mine, and your's made mine look like chopped liver!
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Awesome break. PM me if the Machado and/or Buxton are FS.
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