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Default Have $25 PayPal for a nice RC/insert lot

Looking for quantity here

Just want some true rookie cards or nice inserts here. Generally $.25-$1.00 cards.

Wil keep this going for a few days to field some offers, but I will accept an offer if it blows me away.


thanks everyone!
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Can you use anything here?

.25 each


07 Triple Threads CC Sabathia /1350
10 Topps Chrome Purple Refractors Michael Bourn /599
10 Bowman Blue Nick Larkakis /520
05 Fleer Platinum Finish Brad Lidge /199
05 Prime Cuts Barry Zito /449
05 Fleer Platinum Bobby Jenks /199

Short Prints
08 A&G Brad Lidge 302 SP
08 A&G Hank Blalock 322 SP
10 A&G Daric Barton 302 SP
10 Hiroki Kuroda 336 SP

01 Topps Glistening Gold Vlad Guerrero
05 Cracker Jack Mini Red Miguel Tejada SP
05 Cracker Jack Mini Sticker Casey Kotchman SP
05 Fleer Diamond Tributes Hideki Matsui
05 Leaf Gamers Vlad Guerrero
07 A&G Mini Black No Number Bud Black
07 Topps '52 Dynamic Duos Dice-K Okajima
09 Goudey 4-in-1 Green Braun/Bay/Holliday/Quentin
09 Goudey 4-in-1 Red Lincy/Volquez/Harden/Kershaw
10 Bowman Bowman's Brightest Paul Goldschmidt
11 Bowman Chrome Futures Future-Fractors Matt Dominguez
11 Bowman Expectations McCutchen/Tabata
11 Topps Chrome Orange Refractors Mark Teixeira
11 Topps Chrome XFractors Curtis Granderson
11 Topps Diamond Anniversary Tim Lincecum
11 Topps Kimball Champions Ryan Braun

Rookies/RC Logo
05 Topps Update Billy Butler
05 Turkey Red Melky Cabrera
06 Topps Update Jon Lester
07 Topps Ubaldo Jimenez
07 Turkey Red Dice-K
08 Bowman Chrome Prospects Anthony Varvaro
08 Bowman Chrome Prospects Blue Refractors Anthony Varvaro
08 Bowman Chrome Prospects Ivan Nova
08 UD First Edition Clay Bucholz
09 Donruss EEE Donavan Tate x2
09 Donruss EEE Mike Minor x2
09 Goudey Francisco Cervelli
09 Topps Ticket to Stardom Andrew McCutchen
09 Topps Unique Francisco Cervelli /2699
10 Bowman Chrome Randall Delgado
10 Bowman Draft Prospects Blue Ivan Pelaez /399
10 Bowman Jason Heyward
10 Bowman Madison Bumgarner
10 Bowman Prospects Dustin Ackley
11 Topps Heritage Jeremy Hellickson
11 Topps Update Eric Hosmer

.50 each

06 Flair Showcase Legacy Blue Magglio Ordonez /150
08 A&G Clayton Kershaw RC
08 Goudey Mini Green Back John Lackey /88
11 Bowman Chrome Draft Blue Refractors Chase D'Arnaud
11 Topps Heritage Black Carlos Zambrano

Various pricing

09 Goudey Hanley Ramirez B/W SP 259 $1
09 Goudey Hanley Ramirez HUP SP 282 $1
09 Topps Heritage Chrome Jacoby Ellsbury /1960 $1

New additions 1-10 11:30 PM

06 Turkey Red Red Livan Hernandez Giants
06 Turkey Red White Magglio Ordonez White Sox
06 Turkey Red White Carlos Delgado Blue Jays
10 Bowman Expectations Chipper/Freeman
10 Bowman Topps 100 Jake Arrieta
10 Bowman Topps 100 Felix Doubront
10 Bowman Topps 100 Chris Carter
10 Bowman 1992 Mark Teixeira
10 Bowman Chrome Prospects Jared Clark
11 Topps Prime Nine Player of the Week Hank Aaron
11 Topps Lineage Rookies Zach Britton
12 Topps Update Gold Sparkle Steve Delabar
12 Topps Update Gold Sparkle Mark Lowe
12 Triple Threads Justin Upton /625
12 Topps '87 Minis Freddie Freeman
12 Topps '87 Minis Will Middlebrooks
12 Bowman Platinum Prospects Purple Jake Odorizzi
12 Bowman Platinum Prospects Purple Jonathan Galvez
12 Topps Update Golden Greats Warren Spahn
12 Topps Update Golden Greats Jim Palmer
12 Topps Update Blockbusters Miguel Cabrera
12 Topps Update Blockbusters Ivan Rodriguez
12 Topps Update Blockbusters Frank Robinson
12 Topps Update Golden Moments Albert Belle

12 Topps Update Gold /2012:
Matt Belisle
Anibal Sanchez (Tigers)
Eric O'Flaherty
Francisco Liriano

84 Topps Darryl Strawberry RC x2
84 Topps George Brett
89 Donruss Baseball's Best Gary Sheffield RC
89 Fleer Billy Ripken Black Box
94 Leaf Statistical Standouts Mike Piazza
97 Pinnacle Epix Orange Ryne Sandberg
99 Black Diamond Double Matt Williams /3000
99 Black Diamond Triple Will Clark /1500
99 Topps Club K Roger Clemens
99 Topps Stars Foil Sammy Sosa /199 (Foil missing off serial number)
99 UD Mark McGwire Milestones M7
99 UD Power Elite HR Heroes Mark McGwire
00 MLB Showdown Greg Maddux FOIL
00 Skybox E-Ticket Roger Clemens
00 UD Big League Beat Mark McGwire
00 UD Millenium Team Mike Schmidt
01 Topps Heritage Classic Renditions Mark McGwire
01 UD Hall of Famers Endless Summer Mike Schmidt
01 UD Legends of NY Lou Gehrig 139
01 UD Legends of NY Lou Gehrig 140
03 Fleer Hardball Pedro Martinez SP 261
03 UD Superior Sluggers Vlad Guerrero
04 Leaf Limited Moises Alou /749
04 Leaf MVP Winners Rickey Henderson
05 Throwback Threads George Brett
05 UD Classics Gold George Bell /199
06 Topps Rookie of the Week Harmon Killebrew
06 Topps Rookie of the Week Reggie Jackson
06 Topps Wal-Mart Andruw Jones
07 A&G Flags Nigeria
07 SP Legendary Cuts Joe Dimaggio
08 A&G World Leaders Al-Said, Oman
08 A&G World Leaders Harper, Canada
08 Donruss Sports Legends Joe Jackson
08 Donruss Sports Legends Ryne Sandberg
08 Goudey Ron Santo SP
08 Goudey Steve Carlton SP
08 Goudey Whitey Ford SP x2
08 UD YSL Elston Howard 3061
10 A&G Monsters of Mozoic Dilophosaurus
10 A&G Sailors of Seven Seas Sir Francis Drake
10 Topps CYMTO Babe Ruth
10 Topps CYMTO Carl Yastrzemski 1960 Topps
10 Topps Legendary Lineage Bench/Mauer
10 Topps Legendary Lineage Frank Robinson/Braun
11 Topps Heritage News Flashbacks Jamaica

New additions 1-11 11:50 PM


84 Fleer Tony Gwynn x2
97 Donruss Limited Limited Exposure Randy Johnson/Dickson
00 UD Yankees Legends Pride of Pinstripes Joe Dimaggio
04 Leather/Lumber Rivals Frank Thomas Kerry Wood /2499
04 Playoff Honors Champions George Brett /1990
06 UD Future Stars Purple Greg Maddux /1799
07 Triple Threads Frank Robinson /239
07 Triple Threads Ryne Sandberg /559
08 Baseball Heroes Bo Jackson /399
08 Bowman Blue Randy Johnson /500
08 Contenders Legendary Rookies Mike Schmidt /1500
08 Contenders Legendary Rookies Willie Mays /1500
08 Donruss Legends Museum Hank Aaron /1000
08 Goudey Mini Red Backs Frank Robinson SP
08 UD YSL Lou Gehrig 584
10 Topps Tribute Ryne Sandberg
11 Lineage 1975 Minis Ryne Sandberg

00 Metal Hit Machines Tony Gwynn
05 Leaf Clean Up Crew Orioles Raffy/Mora/Tejada /250
08 Goudey Mini Red Backs Hanley Ramirez B/W

94 (?) Topps Archives '53 Ted Williams
95 SP Championship Classic Performances George Brett
95 SP Championship Classic Performances Ozzie Smith
96 Leaf Limited Gold Rickey Henderson
97 Topps Hallbound Mike Piazza
98 Leaf R/S True Blue Sammy Sosa /500
98 Omega Prism Mike Piazza
99 Pacific 3000 Tony Gwynn /3000
99 UD View to a Thrill Double Frank Thomas /2000
01 UD Vintage LL ERR Bonds/Sosa/Luis Gonzalez
04 Leaf Sportscasters Frank Robinson /45
04 Prime Cuts Ozzie Smith /699
08 A&G Pioneers of Aviation Piloted Glider
08 Goudey Mike Schmidt SR SP
08 Topps Red Sox Celebrate w/Guiliani SP
08 UD YSL Babe Ruth 776
10 Topps 205 Babe Ruth
10 Topps 205 Lou Gehrig

Various Pricing
10 Topps 205 Blue Lou Gehrig /399 $2

New additions 11-12 3:15 PM

08 A&G N43 - .50 each
Prince Fielder
Manny Ramirez
Jose Reyes
Hanley Ramirez

02 Donruss Team Heroes Mike Cameron Seattle IP auto .50

99 UD Textbook Excellence .50
93 Leaf Heading to the Hall $1

08 Goudey .25
08 Topps M&M /150 .50
11 Topps Diamond Duos w/Cabrera .50
08 Topps Chrome Trading History .50
07 Topps OTG 4 .50
07 Topps OTG 13 .50
05 Prestige Connections w/Edmonds .50
06 SP Authentic Baseball Heroes w/Cabrera .50
11 Topps Heritage 18 w/Braun .25

07 Bowman Heritage 7 .25
11 Topps Prime Nine Refractors $1
08 Topps Heritage Flashbacks .50
11 Topps Heritage Flashbacks .50
00 UD Yankees Legends Promo $1
07 Topps Red Backs 7 $1
00 Greats of the Game .50

Mattingly - .50 each unless noted
92 Ultra Award Winners
94 Fleer Team Leaders
01 Topps Noteworthy
06 Topps Wal-Mart
08 UD YSL 5132
86 Donruss
91 Stadium Club - .25
02 Donruss Team Heroes - .25


97 Collector's Choice GHL 331
08 UD Star Quest 9
08 UD Star Quest 42
07 Turkey Red 95
00 Opening Day MM 163
09 UD 20th Anniversary
08 Baseball Heroes w/Berra, Reggie, Dimaggio
10 Topps History of WS
08 Spectrum Retrospectrum 18
11 Topps Diamond Duos w/Cano
11 Bowman Bowman's Best
98 Pinnacle Mint Bronze
10 Topps Legendary Lineage w/Rizzuto

05 Leaf Gamers
Nolan Ryan Collector
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I'll look this over and send you a pm after I get off work tonight, thanks!
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I will put a lot together for you as well
Looking for Derek Jeter!!! RE2PECT
Penny sleeve ---> top loader ----> team bag ----> bubble mailer
If you don't ship in a bubble mailer w/ TRACKING CONFIRMATION I do not want to buy/trade with you.
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Originally Posted by Yankees_Pride View Post
I will put a lot together for you as well
Awesome, thanks man!
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You can check my stuff out here if you like: Inserts

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Check my thread if you don't mind.

Some good stuff in there in regards to player lots (Darvish, Bauer, Moore, Cespedes, Castellanos, Hamilton, etc).
Sorry I do not ship to Canada unless you are willing to pay for DC.

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I have a few things that may interest you:

$17 dlvd - $22 dlvd

$25 dlvd - $32 dlvd

$20 dlvd

$10 dlvd

I also have 49 Cespedes rcs for $40 dlvd, but can break up if you don't want to go higher than $25.
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Thanks for the replies fellas, I get off work at 9 tonight, I will look more closely and send some PMs, thanks!!
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Anything for you here? LMK Thanks!
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Any interest in anything from here?
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Thanks to everyone who has posted, I have purchased a lot, but I will save this post for the future
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Let me know if you are still buying thanks
Please Note: I do a majority of my transactions through COMC. If you like a card and don't have an account feel free to PM me and we can work something out!
Looking to trade/buy 2011 Topps Marquee Museum Collection Gold Frame Autos /10
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